YouTube Marketing, YouTube Ranking & Adobe Premier Pro Guide

YouTube Marketing, YouTube Ranking & Adobe Premier Pro Guide

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Created by: Ing. Tomas Moravek | Facebook Ads Expert, SEO, Facebook Ads & Digital Marketing Academy, Beck Robertson
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What you’ll learn

  • This Youtube Marketing Course is Filled with Animated HQ Explainers, Actionable Hands-on Guides, Screen Recordings, Interactive Quizzes & Writing Assignments.
  • In 4 Weeks you Will Be Ready to Create Fantastic Videos & Have Fully Optimised Youtube Channel & Facebook Creator Studio with Content Ready for Success.
  • Create Ideal YouTube Channel and Video Descriptions. Choose the Best Performing Video Titles. Optimise YouTube Tags. Get more Traffic to your YouTube Channel.
  • Optimise your YouTube Content. Get more People Watching, Liking, and Subscribing as Possible. Learn Audience Engagement Signals. Rank Better on Youtube.
  • Learn the 5 Most Important Ranking Factors to Improve your YouTube SEO Game. Use YouTube Strategies and Tips to Attract more Shares, Likes and Subscribes.
  • Use Smartphone, Drone and Microphone to keep your Videos Smooth & Your Sound Ultra-Clear. Create Magnificent Videos with Drone. Learn Editing Techniques.
  • Shoot Stunning Ariel Videos from the Sky Using Drone and Go Niche as A Pro Drone Pro Video Creator. Create Content That Generates Clicks, And Shares.
  • Handy Walkthroughs to Adobe Premier Pro. Cut Videos Like Professional. Improve your Sound. Use Handy Tools. Create Trailers. Create Animated Videos in Toonly.


  • Smartphone for Video Shooting (Optional)
  • Any kind of Drone (Optional)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (You can Try Premiere Pro with a 7-day Free Trial)
  • Laptop or Computer for Editing your Videos or Project Videos


Hi and welcome to the Ultimate YouTube Essentials Guide, the most current, easy-to-learn and complete resource to help you get content that gets many views and subscribes on YouTube. In this Guide we’ll be covering the most essential aspects of YouTube Content Creation and Marketing, and we’ll be showing you how to set up and position your first YouTube channel as well as how to get your content discovered in YouTube Search.

This YouTube Marketing Course is filled with animated HQ explainers, actionable hands-on guides, screen recordings, interactive quizzes A, B, C, D & writing assignments to make learning Fast & Fun! It also includes huge resource centre & creative projects! This YouTube Marketing Course has clearly organised curriculum to help you progress day by day. In 4 weeks you will be ready to create fantastic videos & have fully optimised YouTube Channel & Facebook Creator Studio with content ready for success.

We’ll be looking at:

  • Creating your YouTube Channel – and Positioning it for Success
  • Optimising your content – so you get as many people watching, liking, and subscribing as possible
  • Monetising your YouTube Video Content – once you’ve gathered some subscribers, you can start earning a second income from your published videos!

You’ll learn:

  • How to create ideal YouTube Channel and video descriptions
  • How to pick the perfect Channel Name
  • How to create Visuals with max appeal to your target audience
  • How to choose Video titles
  • How to perform Keyword Research so you rank well
  • How to optimise YouTube tags and Hashtags
  • How to get more traffic to your YouTube channel
  • And more, start watching for all our helpful strategies!

All you have to do is be prepared to put in just a little effort and apply the knowledge we’ll share with you in this video guide. We know that if you employ our advice, you’ll enjoy enormous success on YouTube, as so many of our students have already achieved.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Interested in Starting, Growing & Optimising YouTube Channel
  • Anyone Interested in Creating Fantastic Pro Looking Videos just with Smartphone & Drone
  • Anyone Interested in Learning Adobe Premier Pro
  • Anyone Interested in Creating Animated Videos
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