The Ultimate Guide: Write a Press Release for Social Causes

The Ultimate Guide: Write a Press Release for Social Causes

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Created by: Myrna Gutierrez
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What you’ll learn

  • Step by step process with real life examples on how to write a newsworthy press release that gets media attention
  • How a newsroom operates and how to think like a reporter so you can communicate like a journalist and identify a good news story
  • Detailed planning steps to prepare for your press release writing and distribution
  • How to develop the right media list for free and when and how to get your press release to them.
  • Easy-to-use templates will help you kick-start your press release planning, writing and distribution


  • Beginner working on social issues or causes either individually or through charity, non-profit organization or social business
  • No public relations experience necessary
  • Computer


Why Bother With a Press Release? Why Not Only Use Social Media?

Imagine a TV news crew covering your story. Citing news coverage for your organization or social business from either local or national media impresses donors, supporters, volunteers and public policy makers.  Hearing your story from a traditional news outlet versus your posts on social media increases your credibility with your audience.

While most people do get their news online, the majority of social media still uses traditional news media like the BBC, CNN, New York Times, and local media among others as sources.

If you want to create social change, you’ll need to raise awareness through the news media. And, one of the most important tools to reach them is still the press release. When you call a newsroom to pitch your story idea, the first question they’ll ask is, “Can you send us your press release?”

But in my 30 years in media relations, I have seen press releases written like announcements, essays or ad copy – fluff pieces that make the news media frown (and me, too!).

What You’ll Learn

If you’ve never written a press release, it can feel overwhelming. This course takes you by the hand, step by step, through in-depth training needed to write a newsworthy press release.

In this course, you’ll ….

  • Not only learn about formatting and press release content, but you’ll receive journalism writing tips
  • Discover how a newsroom operates so you can communicate with the news media in their language and improve your chances of gaining media attention.  Learn what makes a story newsworthy!
  • Walk through a planning process to distribute your press release at the right time
  • Learn how to build your media list for free or with paid resources
  • Download 12 resources including templates to guide you from the planning to distribution stages of your press release
  • Get more media tools from the press release family:  how to write a photo release and media advisory

Rather than sitting through an 8-hour course that is overwhelming and still leaves you with only concepts whose application you still have to figure out, this course provides short, focused training in a simple to understand format.

You’ll gain the respect and credibility of the news media by writing a press release like a journalist!

Why I Created This Course

My passion is to equip a corps of Good News Ambassadors, those working on the frontlines of creating social change. There are many charities and social businesses that carry lanterns of hope through their services into blighted communities. My job is to teach them how to tell their stories through the news media to raise awareness and support for social transformation.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Level: You’ve just been asked to handle news media outreach for your non-profit organization, charity or social business but you don’t know where to start. You’ve never written a press release or you’re not sure if you’ve been writing press releases correctly because you’re not getting news media coverage.
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