The Complete Danish Course (18+ Hours of Danish Lessons)

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Created by: Dan H
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Enroll: 3,930 students

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to speak Danish like a native speaker
  • Master Danish grammar rules to form complete sentences and avoid errors
  • Introduce yourself in Danish (name, origin, profession, etc)
  • Talk about the present, past, and future in Danish
  • Pronounce Danish words correctly (it can get tricky!)
  • Order food at a restaurant in Danish language
  • Use Danish to talk about your hobbies and free time activities
  • Travel in Denmark while speaking Danish
  • Talk about time expressions in Danish
  • Use the correct verb forms and sentence structure in Danish language


  • NO prior knowledge is needed for this course
  • An interest in learning Danish language and a willingness to work hard
  • This is a beginner-friendly Danish language course



The Intensive Study method allows you to:

  • Speak Danish, non-stop, from the very start.
  • Master hundreds of Danish phrases for daily use.
  • Rapidly progress in speaking Danish and practicing your Danish skills.
  • Be able to speak Danish and form your own sentences to fully express your thoughts.

How does the course work?

You will be learning and improving your Danish without even realizing it. The methodology used to teach Danish in this course is aimed for you to naturally ease into a mindset of speaking Danish and thinking in Danish exclusively.

You will be able to understand and speak basic Danish in a matter of hours, without having to study mindless language vocabulary lists or read about complex and confusing Danish grammar topics. In this Danish language course, we use a carefully crafted Danish teaching methodology that introduces the Danish language in a logical fashion for beginners. We will continue this study step by step so that you are able to form increasingly complicated thoughts using the Danish language.

How is this Danish language course different from other courses?

First of all, this is an intensive course, so we will drill deep into the inner workings of the Danish language and explore the intricacies involved. This will help solidify your understanding of Danish and be able to lay out a strong foundation for your future studies in Danish.

In our Danish language course, you will learn how to use Danish in practical settings, how to use your Danish language skills to earn money and live in Denmark, and how to work in a Danish speaking work environment.

You will not only learn to be fluent in Danish, but you will also be able to live and work in Danish. Danish is a living language, and learning the context behind the Danish language will be extremely important to your eventual fluency. That is what sets this course apart from other Danish language courses.

Imagine that you are fluent in Danish, you know how to ask questions and speak Danish in any verb tense, using any language construction in Danish.

In our course, you will not only master the grammatical structures required to be fluent in Danish, but you will also build your Danish language vocabulary, through intensive study sessions focusing on Danish vocabulary and language skills.

You will learn all the different grammatical points that you need to be able to confidently communicate in Danish and use the Danish language in your everyday life.

Who this course is for:

  • Danish learners
  • People who want to learn Danish effortlessly
  • Danish students who want to improve their Danish language
  • Absolute beginners in Danish language

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