Qt 5 Core Intermediate with C++


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What you’ll learn

  • Intermediate Qt 5 Core
  • Timers
  • Settings
  • File System
  • Design Patterns


  • Beginners level understanding of the Qt core libraries


This is not a beginners course! This is the second course in the Qt 5 series, and is a follow up to the Qt 5 Core for beginners course. It is highly recommended you complete that course first! There are not a lot of intermediate courses, the goal of this one is to bridge the gap between beginners and advanced programmers.This course continues on to teach the student the core classes in Qt 5. This course overs Qt 5. Because Qt 6 has so many changes, I will re-record these lessons using Qt 6 and place them into a different course, check my instructor profile for updates.

Qt core for intermediate programmers covers

  • Smart Pointers
  • QSettings
  • QIODevice
  • QFile & QDIR
  • qCompress
  • Encoding
  • Serialization
  • Design patterns

And much more

Who this course is for:

  • Qt Developers
  • C++ Programmers

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