Master After Effects – Tips & Tricks

Master After Effects - Tips & Tricks

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Created by: Marek Mularczyk
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What you’ll learn

  • Animation techniques
  • Quick Tips
  • Animation Tricks
  • After Effects tricks


  • Having basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects


Welcome to “Master After Effects – Tips & Tricks” course.

In this course, I will be sharing with you many tips and tricks inside Adobe After Effects. This course is different from others, there won’t be any specific structure and steps to follow, just tips and tricks.

You can treat it as your “Weekly Tips & Tricks” and watch it weekly (or daily if you prefer 😉  ).

It is going to be all about learning new techniques, new features, new keyboard shortcuts (I love keyboard shortcuts as you can tell from the videos 😉  ) and different ways of achieving a certain result in the process.

This makes this course designed for people who are familiar with After Effects already as I won’t be explaining basics. You should have a basic understanding of how to use Adobe After Effects.

Make sure you have a good background and good understanding of After Effects and how to use it, how to create animations, how to understand the fundamentals of working inside Adobe After Effects.

So the things I will be covering here will be things like:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Some tricks
  • Many tips
  • Different techniques for acheiveing a certain result
  • Hidden features inside After Effects

Thank you for joing me on this course and if there is anything specific that you want me to cover then please let me know.

Who this course is for:

  • After Effects users who want to gain more confidence
  • Users who like quick techniques for achieving results
  • Keyboard shortcut enthusiasts

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