Learn freelancing and avoid scams from absolute zero in 2021

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Created by: Kalim M Puthawala
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What you’ll learn

  • How to start freelancing and avoid scams


  • No prior freelancing experience is required. But you must atleast have one skill to work with.


This course teaches you how to become a freelancer from absolute zero.

No experience required. No skill required to learn this course, but you do need a skill like web development, language basics, designing, research, or anything you know bits about. No need to be an expert in what you know.

You shall create an account on freelancer.com and I shall show you my profile, on which you can see me telling you all the nits and grits of freelancing by showing real clients and real projects

Then you can reproduce my steps only after completing the course, and earn money. I guarantee you that if you follow my method, you shall definitely start earning money.

Things you shall learn

1. What is freelancing

2. Types of contracts

3. What are different websites for a freelancer and which shall I teach.

4. Basic terms in freelancing.

5. How to deal with clients.

6. How to avoid scams and save money.

7. Finally review of the course and some tips and tricks that shall help you out!

So Sit back, relax and enjoy the course. Then take action with some patience and become a competent freelancer and earn thousands of dollars!

I always instruct to start small and go to the thousand milestone. No gimmicks or tricks to scam people, but I shall show you a way on how to work with full honesty, hard work and give reliable results.

You shall earn!



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Who this course is for:

  • Beginner developers, Working professionals who want to earn side income, College graduates who want to start their own company or work as a freelancer

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