Information Systems Audit Fundamentals

Information Systems Audit Fundamentals

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What you’ll learn

  • In a very short time you will have an overview of what is systems auditing.
  • You will learn the basic concepts, functions, objectives, stages and types of computer audits.
  • They will be able to evaluate internal controls and recommend changes based on best practices.


  • You only need to have basic computer skills.


In this course I am going to show you how fun, easy and fast it can be to learn Systems Auditing. The classes are designed in a dynamic and practical way, made up of short videos with precise information and illustrated examples, based on the 5 domains of the CISA Certification Preparation Manual, so it will be an excellent guide if you decide to embark on the path to certification. international in systems auditing.

At the end you will know:

– Conduct regular audits

– How the audit department is managed

– What are the steps to plan and conduct an audit

– What is the operation of IT governance.

– Audit system operations and maintenance

– Types and forms of cybercrime and attack methods.

The systems audit is responsible for collecting, grouping and evaluating evidence to determine whether computer systems safeguard assets and maintain data integrity, through the effective use of the organization’s resources. The systems audit seeks the availability, integrity, veracity and privacy of the information through validation techniques and recommendations based on best practices and international standards.

This function can operate internally or externally to the company. The internal audit is carried out by an internal agent of the company whose function is to carry out a professional, objective and critical analysis as a result of the evaluation of internal controls and the faithful fulfillment of plans in order to improve the operations of the company. In turn, the external audit is carried out by independent personnel who carry out revision work in different management areas of the company, to determine the efficiency they have in the development of their functions.

Who this course is for:

  • If you have basic computer skills, this course is for you.

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