How to Break Into the Music Industry

How to Break Into the Music Industry

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Created by: Ben Allingham
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What you’ll learn

  • Finding your brand and identity/style
  • Picking an artist name
  • Goal setting and consistency
  • Building your artist team
  • Dealing with contracts
  • Organising Finances
  • Networking


  • Be interested in pursuing music
  • Willingness to learn


The course is being taught my Ben Allingham, the Founder and CEO of Allingham Management. Our focus is to provide guidance, education, and management for everyone in the music industry, regardless of their income and/or social class. We strive to provide the tools and information necessary for you to get anywhere you want to be and we are here if you need a helping hand to guide you on your journey.

This course will focus on teaching you the basic fundamentals of becoming an artist in the music industry and ensure you have all the tools to succeed. You will learn how to pick your artist name, set goals, financing, networking, and so much more to help you get your music into the spotlight, ready to be heard.

The industry is filled with talent and is very competitive, with these tools I will provide in this course, you will have a better chance at getting out of the melting pot of unheard music and make sure that your name is the next sensation!

We appreciate your time and hope that with this course, you come out with a better understanding of how to succeed in this competitive world of music!

Who this course is for:

  • Rappers
  • Singers
  • Bands
  • Musicians
  • Music Artists

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