The Exposure Triangle. The Vital Key To Creative Photography

The Exposure Triangle. The Vital Key To Creative Photography

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Created by: Jason Row
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What you’ll learn

  • Exactly what the exposure triangle is
  • How the exposure triangle is a vital tool in your creative arsenal.
  • The relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO
  • The different creative possibilities of shutter speed, aperture and ISO


  • The only requirements for this course is an interest in photography and a basic DLSR or Mirrorless camera


In this short video series, I am going to introduce you to  the most important element of great photography, understanding the exposure triangle.

Understanding the exposure triangle is key to pushing your photography beyond taking snaps, towards taking beautiful, professional looking images. It is the keystone of creativity in photography, the one vital element that unleashes all the power that your camera has to offer.

If you understand the three points of the triangle, aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and how they work together, you will have unlocked the secret to getting great looking images.

Newcomers to photography will often put their cameras on program mode and simply press the shutter. The results can be amazing, modern cameras flatter us. However, to truly understand the art of photography you have to understand the three points of the triangle.

In this series I will introduce you to the exposure triangle and then take you on a journey to each of it’s three points, namely aperture, shutter speed and ISO. For each point on the triangle I will give you an in depth guide on what it does, how it works and most importantly, the creative possibilities it opens for you. Not only that, I will explain the relationship between the three points, how they come together to give us the correct exposure.

The course is aimed at beginners who want to get beyond the program mode of their cameras and to start exploring the huge creative possibilities that understanding the exposure triangle unleashes.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is aimed at beginners just starting their journey into the amazing world of photography

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