SQL Bootcamp – Hands-On Exercises – SQLite – Part I

SQL Bootcamp - Hands-On Exercises - SQLite - Part I

Language: English
Created by: Paweł Krakowiak
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Enroll: 13,763 students

What you’ll learn

  • solve 150 exercises using the SQL language
  • test yourself in DQL (Data Query Language)
  • test yourself in creating and executing database queries
  • test yourself in sorting, filtering and grouping data
  • test yourself in joining tables and creating subqueries.
  • test yourself in creating complex queries
  • deal with real programming problems
  • work with documentation and Stack Overflow
  • guaranteed instructor support


  • basic knowledge of SQL
  • internet access






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SQL Bootcamp – Hands-On Exercises – SQLite – Part I

Welcome to the course SQL Bootcamp – Hands-On Exercises – SQLite – Part I where you can test your SQL programming skills.

This is the first part of the SQL Bootcamp – Hands-On Exercises series. The exercises in this part are mainly focused on creating DQL queries to the database.

The course is designed for people who have basic knowledge in SQL and it consists of over 150 exercises with solutions.

This is a great test for people who are learning SQL and are looking for new challenges. Exercises are also a good test before the interview. Many popular topics were covered in this course.

Knowledge of SQL is one of the most desirable technical skills on the job market. If you’re wondering if it’s worth taking a step towards SQL and databases, don’t hesitate any longer and take the challenge today.

Who this course is for:

  • everyone who wants to test knowledge of SQL and databases
  • everyone who wants to learn by doing
  • web developers
  • mobile developers
  • data analysts
  • data scientists

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