Screenwriting: Writing a Selling Story with Your Bare Hands

Screenwriting: Writing a Selling Story with Your Bare Hands

Language: English
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What you’ll learn

  • key elements of a movie script
  • how to transform an idea into a story
  • how to transform a story into a plot for script


  • love and affection for movies and TV shows
  • no another specific screenwriting knowledge


Oh, you want to be a screenwriter? Then come along to learn how to become one. This course focuses on conjuring your ideas, structuralizing your plot and turning it into a selling script.

This course will make your search for ideas less menacing, showing you how and where to find them. If inspiration doesn’t come willingly, you’ll learn how to call upon it and brainstorm ideas.

You will learn key elements of a movie script, as much as key steps for turning your idea into a story, and story into a plot for your script. You will also learn the actual importance of a movie plot and how to make yours visible among the others.

We will talk about plot structure and what you should do make your script consistent and easy to navigate through. You will see technical side of screenwriting because you won’t get far without it.

We will discuss plot types with references to live movies and tv-shows, and a specific system of plot-building.

No specific screenwriting knowledge required, this course is great for beginners and amateurs as well as for people already in the industry.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to write for the screen or master their existing skills and learn even more.

Who this course is for:

  • begginer screenwriters
  • someone who already in movie industry
  • someone who wants to upgrade writing skills
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