Oracle Cloud: Basic Oracle SQL with hands on Experience


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Created by: Zulqarnain Hayat
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What you’ll learn

  • Who want to start their career as Oracle Database Administrator or Oracle Developer


  • This is a basic Oracle SQL course, so there aren’t any major prerequisites that you need to know before you can get started


SQL language is an important skill for any Oracle professional and is the first step in suitable a true Oracle expert. As with any database platform, Oracle has its own take on the SQL language that builds on top of industry standards. In this course, I cover the basics required to code with SQL in an Oracle Database 12c environment. Learn how to select and filter data, and manipulate data using functions, including SUBSTR, UPPER, MIN, MAX, AVG, SUM, and more. Then find out how to combine data from two or more tables in a single statement with joins. Discover how to modify data with DML and DDL commands like DELETE and UPDATE, and group data with aggregate functions also include such as constraints and subqueries advance concepts. This training course is suitable for beginning database developers with no prior experience with SQL or Oracle.

Following are including:

  • Using Oracle SQL*Developer, the free development environment
  • Selecting data from tables
  • Filtering data
  • Using functions to manipulate data
  • Joining data from tables
  • Creating tables
  • Updating values
  • Truncating data
  • Grouping and ordering result sets
  • Working with primary keys
  • Checking constraints

Who this course is for:

  • Oracle Developer, Oracle Database Administrator

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