Object Oriented php: build real world project using OOP

Object Oriented php: build real world project using OOP

Language: English
Created by: Ela Eli
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What you’ll learn

  • Reusable code & OOP in real world applications
  • Reusable Pagination class
  • Reusable Validation class
  • Reusable Crud class
  • Reusable session class
  • Database Design
  • Class Constructors
  • Uploading images to a server
  • Inserting, deleting, and updating data in mysql database
  • Write Clean Code
  • Methods and Class Properties
  • Write Scalable Code
  • Write Code that’s easy to maintain
  • Write Code that’s easy to understand
  • Server Side Validation
  • Database Normalization


  • Basic understanding of php
  • Basic understanding of html
  • Basic understanding of javascript
  • Basic Understanding of sql statements


Looking to improve your web development skills and your OOP skills ? struggling to find real world projects? This course is for you. In this course we’ll be building a movie management system  using

Object oriented php. You’ll learn to write neat code, code that’s easy to maintain and understand.  This course is for those that are hungry for knowledge and looking to become better programmers. In programming, every time you seat in front of computer and watch a tutorial, you’re growing. Every little thing you do improves your skills, It helps you become a better programmer.

This course will help you become a better programmer, and if you’re a programming newbie looking for a new job you’ll get a new job easily because you’ll stand out from the rest of the applicants because of the skills you’ll get from this course. Take this course and impress hiring managers with the skills you will learn in this course. I can guarantee you that this course will have a huge positive impact in your career. It is a combination of things I’ve learned over the years, things that I really struggled to learn and understand, I simplify all those things for you in this course.

Good in luck in your programming career 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • All levels
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