NIGHT & SKY Photography: How to Shoot and Edit like a Pro

NIGHT & SKY Photography: How to Shoot and Edit like a Pro

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What you’ll learn

  • What Camera, Gear & lens to use for Night photography
  • How to get very sharp or clear photo straight form the camera
  • How to Set up the camera properly for Night Photography
  • What Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed is the best for Night photography
  • 9 Tips for personal safety when traveling alone at the dark
  • 10 Tips for Smartphone Night Photography
  • What camera angle & composition for Night photography
  • How to add an interesting Element with list options
  • Choosing between moonlight or starlight
  • Understanding the Ultimate principle for editing ANY photos like Night photography
  • How to make your camera steady and stable for sharp images straight from the camera
  • Learn correct white balance, proper exposure, lens correction, HSL, sharpness, noise reduction and over all enhancing photo editing skills (DEMO & ACTIVITIES)


  • DSLR Camera with Manual mode
  • Tripod or any alternative to capture image steadily
  • Free or paid photo editing software (options provided)
  • Any Computer like windows and mac


Do you want to learn how to do night photography or night sky photography?

Yes. You are in the right place.

My name is paul. Like you I am a photographer who is also interested in night photography..

When I am looking at the beautiful and amazing stars in the sky and the visual appearance of the city at night.. Those stunning photos make me happy and relaxed..

As a photographer I really want to learn night photography. So what I did was read books, watch tons of videos on how to do it. And I can definitely say right now that it’s all worth it.. And I found out that taking night photos requires understanding the equipment, how to set up my camera and how to compose the shots. I needed time, patience and a lot of practice to develop these skills…

I believe you are here because you have decided to learn how to do night photography.. And I want to help you. I want to be part of your learning journey. I want to share all that I learned, make it simple and hopefully you will be inspired to take action and just do it. Discover your gifts, your talents, your own style on how to do night photography.

I am sure you may have questions like

what camera to choose, what lens, tripod, if you need remote control, or questions about your safety in the dark because that is important – you know safety first.

Also we will talk about How to set your camera, battery, memory card, questions raw or jpeg, how to minimize vibration of the camera to get a sharp image,

what Aperture to use?

How to capture movement and light?

How to increase your camera sensitivity to light?

how to check for proper exposure?

What composition and camera angle to use?

How to add an interesting element. Or shooting with moon light or star light

I will also give you all the 10 tips on using smartphone for night photography

I will also give you the list of the best professional editing software that you can use.. And if you dont want paid software.. No problem,, I will also give you all the best free photo editing software that you can use and still give you professional looking photos..

I will also reveal an easy system for edit photos like a pro.. Because if you understand the system you can use any photo editing software to edit your photos like a pro..

Once you learned all of these

You are ready to take a photo of the beautiful and amazing stars in the sky and the visual appearance of a city.

Thank you for choosing this course

We are going to answer the most important question about night photography and talk about the principle and explain it in a very simple way for you to understand. And I am confident that once you know the basic and principles of night photography.. Your only limit is your imagination.. shoot the way you want it, experiment and have fun..

There will also be a lot of activities.. Like long exposure shots of stars and also light painting in the dark. I can’t wait to see your photos. Let’s begin your night photography journey today.. See you there.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete Beginner photographers who wants to learn to fo night photography
  • Beginner who wants to know the ultimate principle to edit photos like a pro
  • Wants to know what camera, gear & lens to use for night photography
  • who wants to get a clear and sharp photo at night
  • who wants to know 9 Tips for personal safety when traveling alone at the dark
  • starters want to avoid mistakes and save time
  • Beginner photographer who is curious how to shoot stunning photos at night
  • students want to capture beautiful and stunning night photos
  • who wants to know how to do night photography
  • who wants to know the 6 steps workflow to use on any photo editing software including free alternatives
  • Who wants clear step by step instructions to capture stunning photos at night
  • Students who wants hands on and many activities and opportunity to practice
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