Introduction to Java unit testing with JUnit5 framework

Introduction to Java unit testing with JUnit5 framework

Language: English
Created by: Dmitrijs Finaskins
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What you’ll learn

  • JUnit5 framework basics
  • How to create unit tests for a given class
  • How to run unit tests
  • How to interpret results of unit tests
  • How to make changes in the class code and/or unit tests to fix failing tests
  • How to find out whether all methods are covered by unit tests


  • Java8+ basic concepts and hands-on experience
  • Basic knowledge of Intellij Idea IDE


In this course you will be guided through the basics of Java unit testing using JUnit5 framework. You do not need to have any prior JUnit experience or knowledge to take this course.

We will define a basic Java class and for eaach method of this class we will create unit tests, so we could be sure everything works as it should.

The most important topics covered in this course includes

  • Explanation why we should include unit tests in each our application
  • How to define a test class, where all unit tests will reside
  • Important annotations used in test classes
  • How to interprete unit tests results
  • How to fix failed tests

I hope you will really enjoy opening for yourself a new entertaining world of unit testing on Java!

Who this course is for:

  • Java developers of all levels with no prior knowledge in unit testing

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