Devtools Pro: The Basics of Chrome Developer Tools

Devtools Pro: The Basics of Chrome Developer Tools

Language: English
Created by: Rocco Balsamo
Rate: 4.5/ 4,022 ratings
Enroll: 41,599 students

What you’ll learn

  • Navigate around in the DevTools and make live changes to HTML / CSS and Javascript.
  • Use awesome built-in tools like the colorpicker and text shadow editor!
  • Write simple Javascript commands and learn the basics of how to debug your code.
  • Understand how to simulate Mobile Devices.
  • Get info to improve page load times with Audits
  • Write larger blocks of test code in the Snippets panel


  • The course is for beginners!
  • You’ll get the most out of it if you know basic HTML, CSS and Javascript.


This course is a simple introduction to the Google Chrome Developer Tools. In this course we’ll cover the basics of devtools which are absolutely essential to productive web development.

And pssst… The course has a humourous twist–your instructor will teach you about amazing colors like blanchedalmond and cornflowerblue!

When you’re finished you’ll be able to:

  • Use the elements panel to modify and update live webpages with tools like the colorpicker and text shadow editor.
  • Type simple Javascript commands in the console.
  • Write and test larger blocks of code with the snippets panel.
  • Understand how to stop and step through code with breakpoints and basic debugging.
  • Learn how to simulate mobile devices for responsive development.
  • Use the audits panel to get useful information about improving page load time.

This is a free course meant to cover the absolute basics. After completing this, you’ll have to tools and knowhow to become a DevTools wizard with my followup class, DevTools 2017: Beginner to Expert with Google Chrome Developer tools.

Who this course is for:

  • Front End Developers
  • Back End Developers Looking to Try Front End
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Software Engineers
  • Project / Product Managers
  • Anyone looking for a quick way to understand websites and web applications

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