Create Toucan in Illustrator from Sketch


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Created by: Luka Pataraia
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What you’ll learn

  • Creating vector illustrations from sketch
  • Learn basics of Adobe Illustrator CC


  • Adobe Illustrator CC software (can be downloaded as free trial)


Ever wanted to learn Adobe Illustrator CC basics while creating real world projects from scratch?

This course is for you!

In this course we will learn how to create illustration of Toucan from scratch in Adobe Illustrator CC.

Beginner to intermediate students with some or no knowledge of Adobe Illustrator CC will learn how they can create vector illustrations from any sketch, even if they do not have a graphics tablet.

Honestly, I had graphics tablet and in some cases it might be very useful, but in this course I want to show you how I import my sketch, photographed by my smartphone into Adobe Illustrator CC and create vector illustration from it as a reference.

I found that traditional drawing techniques can produce great results and with a simple sketch that you can create with basic paper and pencil you can produce great looking vector illustrations that look crisp on any screen resolution.

There is no need to buy expensive drawing tablets to create illustrations in fact, as beginners might think.

Course comes with all the resources that I generated during the course so they are here when you’ll need any of the resources.

Resources include my sketch (obviously, you can also create your own sketch and create illustrations from it with the information provided in this course), original Illustrator file in .ai format, texture and final exported graphic.

Thank you for your interest and hope course will be informative and useful!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to build vector illustrations from their sketch

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