Beginners Japanese for 48 hours in Tokyo

Beginners Japanese for 48 hours in Tokyo

Language: English
Created by: Mami Chan
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Enroll: 11,060 students

What you’ll learn

  • Introduce yourself in Japanese and ask about other people
  • Name some popular Japanese gifts and souvenirs
  • Learn Japanese for days of the week, telling the time and arrange the place to meet
  • Talk about your family and describe family events in Japanese


  • If English isn’t your first language, don’t worry! I speak slowly and clearly.
  • A passion for learning about Japanese language and life in Japan
  • No prior Japanese experience required, just a quiet place to listen to my Japanese language audio clips


This practical, beginners, course takes you to Japan for an imaginary 48 hours of shopping and socialising. I’ll be your teacher and guide as we discover the beauty of Japanese Language & Culture.

Imagine a busy weekend in Tokyo. Time rushes by quickly and there’s so much to do – meet some friends, family and hit the department stores for gifts and souvenirs!

In my Japanese language & culture course I guide you through a busy weekend in Tokyo! You start by learning language to introduce yourself, talking about your family and arranging where and when to meet. Next, you head to the stores, do some clothes shopping, buy Japanese gifts for your friends and talk to the shop assistant.

This Japanese course is great for absolute beginners.

Especially if English is not your first language – I speak clearly and slowly!

Who this course is for:

  • This Japanese course is best suited for absolute beginners – no experience is required
  • I focus on practical Japanese words and sentences, not complicated things like sentence structure and grammar.
  • Anyone who wants to show off their Japanese in front of family and friends!

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