80 Questions on Agile & Scrum: with answers and explanations

80 Questions on Agile & Scrum: with answers and explanations

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What you’ll learn

  • 80 questions in video format to help the Professionals to enhance their Agile and Scrum Knowledge
  • This will make the Professional better prepared for Scrum Master certifications and interviews for Agile/Scrum roles.
  • Explanations are given for each question while reviewing the answers.
  • This will be a learning experience along with assessing your Agile/Scrum knowledge.


  • Knowledge of Agile Software Development using Scrum Framework is desirable.


This has 80 questions with answers and explanations on Agile & Scrum.

This is presented in a video format. You can even listen to it on the move. Each question is read out clearly, with answer options, the correct answer, and an explanation.

Please note:: This has same questions from our course “Test Your Agile and Scrum Knowledge: 4 Tests, 80 Questions”, but in video format.

So if you have already enrolled in the other course, questions are repeated here.

This is newly built based on the recent changes and latest version of The Scrum Guide November 2020 version.

At the end of the course, we have compiled a practice test with questions from these videos.

This course is designed for those who are taking professional assessments on agile & Scrum, but it is also useful for anyone who wants to learn basics of Agile and Scrum or preparing for interviews for scrum roles.


Statutory Acknowledgment:

*Professional Scrum™, Professional Scrum Product Owner™, PSPO, PSPO I, PSPO 1, etc. is the protected brand of Scrum org.

This course is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Scrum org. This course uses content from the Scrum Guide. All the content related to Scrum Guide is taken from scrumguides org and is under the Attribution ShareAlike license of Creative Commons.


Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who want to assess their professional knowledge on Agile and Scrum or expand their knowledge.
  • Anyone associated with, planning to get involved in or interested in learning more about agile software development using Scrum can use this course.
  • This will be useful for any Professional preparing for Scrum Master Certifications and interviews for Agile/Scrum roles.
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