Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads 2022: Overcome Apple Apocalypto

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads 2022: Overcome Apple Apocalypto

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Created by: Ing. Tomas Moravek | Facebook Ads Expert, SEO, Facebook Ads & Digital Marketing Academy, Beck Robertson
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What you’ll learn

  • Learn Facebook Ads & Instagram for 2022. Overcome Apple iOS Restrictions. Create Customer Journey & Targeting Personas. Quickly Orient in New Facebook Layout.
  • Reach Success with Facebook Ads. Setup Correctly Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Pixel Events, Conversion API, Aggregated Events & Domain Verification.
  • Make Learning FUN. Progress FAST. Enjoy Hands-on Practical Screen Recordings, Face2face Explanations, Animated Explainers & Interactive Quizzes.
  • Reach Mass of People with Facebook Reach Ads. Drive Traffic with Facebook Traffic Ads. Sell with Facebook Conversion Ads. Get Leads with Lead Generation Ads.


  • Please, have OPEN & HAPPY MIND.
  • Please, make WISH to also BENEFIT OTHERS. With Knowledge that you GAIN.
  • Facebook Business Page. Even, if you do not have Facebook Business Page, you can Learn Facebook Ads.


Learn Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads with me. I promise I will not let you down. I have helped more than 600.000 students on Udemy. This is my BEST FAST PROGRESS FACEBOOK ADS COURSE. I honestly hope & believe you will LOVE this course. This Facebook Ads Course consists of Practical hands-on screen recordings (New Facebook interface), Animated video explainers, Face2face explanations & Interactive quizzes making learning FUN! I have optimised curriculum for FAST progress.

Avoid struggle. Reach success with Facebook ads. It is important for you to correctly setup Facebook business manager, Facebook Pixel, Conversion API, Pixel events, Aggregated events as well as Domain verification. The most important is to walk the customer on his / her customer journey and to understand Facebook Ads objectives. It is also important for you to know how to use the power of engagement to create powerful custom & lookalike audiences. Lead generation as well as selling for e-commerce can be great success, but only with understanding how Facebook Ads work in 2022.

Read the latest feedback from my student:

“Hey Tom, I am very happy to purchase your course. I have generated leads at only 6 rs per lead with the help of strategy shared by you and by optimising my business manager to be ready for apple restrictions in your Udemy course. I have a facebook and instagram page since last 1 and a half years for my music academy business. Before buying your course, My cost per lead used to be 35 to 50 rs per lead through my conventional targeting. But after I studied under you, I ran conversion ads for leads by targeting custom audience of people who engaged on my facebook and instagram page and 1% lookalike audience of these custom audiences in India and it worked like a magic. 6 rs per lead is very very cheap and I am saving lot of money. Thank you so much. Lots of love.” Harshad

You need to correctly understand & Step by step use the CUSTOMER JOURNEY on Facebook & Instagram:

  1. Reach
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion

In this Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads course I have done my BEST to help you to:

  • Progress FAST
  • Make learning FUN
  • Digest easily day by day
  • Quickly orient in new Facebook layout
  • Understand correctly customer journey setup
  • Overcome unpleasant Apple iOS restrictions
  • Setup correctly Facebook Pixel
  • Easily deploy Conversion API on WordPress
  • Understand correctly all Pixel events
  • Setup correctly Domain verification
  • Setup correctly Aggregated events
  • Understand when & why to use different Facebook ads objectives
  • Know how to create attractive Facebook ad copy
  • Know how to create attractive carousels, including video carousels
  • Know how to use the Power of Engagement
  • Know how to create Custom & Lookalike audiences
  • Reach mass of people with Facebook Reach Ads
  • Drive traffic with Facebook Traffic Ads
  • Sell with Facebook Conversion Ads
  • Understand how to plan big campaigns producing incredible amounts of money
  • Get leads with Facebook Lead Generation Ads
  • Know how to use Catalogs
  • Know how to avoid manual hustle
  • Enjoy face2face explanations
  • Follow hands on screen recordings
  • Have fun with quizzes & animated videos

You need to also understand that the core essence of your success is great content combined with correct targeting and retargeting. You need to know that Facebook loves engagement. Shares are the most important, followed by comments and likes. Also, each person who gives you a like can be easily invited into your Facebook business page. This way you can easily expand the number of your followers.

I have done my BEST to create the BEST curriculum & the BEST FAST PROGRESS FACEBOOK ADS COURSE of my life. I have have red more than 14.000 reviews to understand how to create perfect Facebook Ads course for you. I promise I will not let you down. I will save your time, incredible amount of your energy & financial resources.


Tom & TEAM

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wishing to Learn How to Setup Correctly Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads in 2022.
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