Develop your first App in Android Studio using Firebase

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Language: English
Created by: Utsav Soi, Tejasvi Soi, Gargi Singh
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Enroll: 390 students

What you’ll learn

  • Firebase for authentication
  • Making an Activity in Android
  • Making a UI through XML
  • Implementation of firebase login system
  • Coding an app in Java
  • Project based learning
  • Backend using Firebase


  • Complete beginner-friendly course
  • Development from scratch


  • You will code your first app by yourself (project-based learning).
  • Understanding Android and it’s features.
  • Understand the fundamentals of Firebase and its benefits.
  • How to create Android Applications that use Firebase Features.
  • Learn how to use Firebase’s full E-mail Authentication Solution.
  • Coding the complete UI¬†on XML.
  • Testing your app.
  • Publishing your app on PlayStore.

    If you want to become an expert in Android using the Firebase Platform, then this is the course to enroll in.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to deep dive into android
  • Anyone who wants to build their own app from scratch
  • Anyone who does not want to learn backend

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