Converse in Egyptian Arabic _ The most spoken Arabic dialect

Converse in Egyptian Arabic _ The most spoken Arabic dialect

Language: English
Created by: Mister Bakoor
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Enroll: 10,631 students

What you’ll learn

  • learn the most common Egyptian Arabic conversations easily.
  • pronounce correctly and naturally Egyptian Arabic phrases
  • Learn to handle a basic conversation in Egyptian Arabic easily
  • this is well organized course, and gradually you will see a great improvement


  • There is no requirements


Egyptian Arabic is most popular dialect in the middle east, and it’s highly demanded dialect. I made this course to help all Egyptian students to speak very easily.  I have collected all most daily life  conversation in one course.

This course made for Egyptian Arabic students. to teach them all daily life conversations.

I have made this course very easy even for those don’t have any knowledge about Arabic.

After this course you will be able to to use all daily life vocabs and sentences.

All you need to have is patience and persistence, time fixes anything. so after getting enrolled in this course, Start taking lectures day by day,

you have to be organized to  reach your goal. after you finish this course, the time to practice comes. I want to mention that you can travel to Egypt and use this course, or there is other way to practice speaking like online websites. I’m gonna tell you a website to use for speaking Arabic. (free4talk) is an amazing website. there are a lot of Egyptians.

So, go there meet Egyptians and start speak with them.

at the end if you got any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

I will make sure that I reply All messages and check them daily.

Who this course is for:

  • Arabic beginner students
  • Egyptian Arabic beginners
  • Egyptian Arabic students
  • Egypt visitors
  • Arabic language
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