Complete Guide – Etsy + Print-on-Demand + USA Suppliers

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What you’ll learn

  • How to research highly profitable print on demand product ideas that can be sold on Etsy
  • Choosing the best titles for SEO and clickthru rate
  • Registering and creating your Etsy store from scratch
  • Leveraging coupons and followup messages to convert window shoppers into buyers
  • Activating Etsy Ads and generating sales as quickly as possible
  • Expanding into Shopify for additional sales
  • Super Simple Facebook Ads strategies and methods we use for quick sales


  • You should have an internet connection and access to Etsy
  • You should already have an Etsy store or be willing to open one during this course
  • No previous experience required


The Complete Etsy Print-on-Demand Store & Product Creation using USA-based suppliers.

During this course, you can expect to learn the ins and outs of Esty, Shopify, Dropshipping, and Facebook Ads.

It seems like a lot but we walk you through the process, step-by-step, so it’s easy to understand and even simpler to implement.

We dive into product research and creation first. During this time, we are going to find “passion products” that we can dropship ourselves. These are products that are considered ‘impulse buys’ because they are generally for a loved one during a special time.

We all know how we spend more than we have to during gift seasons.

We’re going to be taking advantage of these moments.

Once we begin generating sales on Etsy, we are going to expand into our very own Shopify store so that we can keep more of each sale!

Since Shopify isn’t going to send us buyers (like Etsy does), we are going to branch off into Facebook Ads to begin sending ourselves waves of customers.

If Facebook Ads seems like a daunting task, don’t worry – I used to be petrified of them as well.

Until I learned to K.I.S.S. – (keep it simple, stupid!)

We use a very basic and easy to follow strategy called the 5 CBO Method. This is where we test 5 quick audiences with simple ad structures and Facebook will figure out which one is best!

So to recap, this will be the progress we are making throughout the course:

  1. We’re going to get started with product research and ideas. We need to find that flagship product we want to sell as our own.
  2. Once we have our product and confirm our USA supplier, we are going to get into branding. We’re building a REAL business, not a quick dropshipping store. We need to look authentic.
  3. After that, we’re going to build our Etsy store and upload our products, making sure they are optimized for conversions.
  4. At the end of our Etsy phase, we are going to activate ads and see how quickly we can generate sales!
  5. Once we’ve confirmed our product is a winner, we will expand our store into Shopify.
  6. After Shopify is fully set up and designed – we are going to activate Facebook Ads!

From there, it’s all about managing customers, orders, and scaling your ads.

I hope to see you inside the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Brand new e-commerce sellers who want to sell on Etsy
  • Entrpereneuers who are interested in Print-on-Demand
  • Current Etsy sellers who aren’t making sales and need to know how to optimize headlines, descriptions, tags, and ads

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