Beginner Watercolor Step By Step Art for Beginner Painters

Beginner Watercolor Step By Step Art for Beginner Painters
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Created by: PAVAN KAPOOR
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What you’ll learn

  • Seven new projects in one class to teach the beginner watercolorist a plethora of watercolor techniques and
  • You will learn how to create stark contrast in the foil and glass project. Using a maximum of light and dark tones is the secret to this technique.
  • There are two projects on banana leaf subjects where you will learn how to bring life to food served on banana leaves
  • The are of fusing and melding colors with water is going to be part of your study oin every project in this class. Once you have drawn out every project I would


  • You need to have watercolor materials such as paints and brushes as well as 300 gsm paper. Furthermore you need to love to paint and use your powers of observation.


I have chosen a wide variety of subjects to be able to teach watercolor techniques, nuances and effects.

Because its Christmas season, I included the first two lessons in that theme. I have painted two christmas cards together in real time so you could also accomplish two projects together.

I do advice drawing out all the seven projects at one go and then painting them.

The next absolutely wonderful genre is of coloured glass shadows. This project may look difficult but once you follow my instructions as given in the video it will be a wonderful experience for you. You may get hooked on painting glass subjects.

The next is the interesting texture of Foil. I have taught you how to simply paint this metallic effect on a foil Balloon. I had painted this when I hit the 1 K mark on Insta. It was a celebration for me when I started out.

My fifth subject is an object that combines both coloured glass and metal. The ¬†Iranian Filligri glass bottle is a mesmerising subject to paint.¬† It’s detailed but enjoyable. Good Luck!

My art journey can never be complete without food. I have painted the spicy and tangy fruit salad called Rujak on a banana leaf to get the freshness.

The last project is the rice box woven out of banana leaves.

Do contact me on instagram or here itself for any queries.

Have the time of your life painting.

Pavan Kapoor

Who this course is for:

  • If you are an art lover and have thought it’s all to hard. Try this course and get ready to fall in love with the medium of watercolors.
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