Ableton Live: Complete EDM Music Production in 3 Hours

Ableton Live: Complete EDM Music Production in 3 Hours

Language: English
Created by: Charlie Atom
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Enroll: 3,241 students

What you’ll learn

  • Make your own music in less than 3 hours.
  • Secrets to easy melody and chord making.
  • Fastest way to make your music.
  • Learn to use Ableton Live.
  • Learn almost any other music production software.
  • Make any electronic music style.
  • Organize your sound library for easier use.


  • No experience needed.
  • Ableton Live Software
  • Sound Libraries


Charlie Atom’s Course to learn to make music in less than 3 hours!

Yeah! And not only samples, you will learn music making tricks so you can use music theory without spending years studing scales or composition.

Are you a DJ? Are you a music lover? Are you a professional music producer? This is your course. Even so you will learn from the beginning, as a professional you will learn some unique techniques I’ve develop to make your music very fast and understand music theory in a very simplified way that is helpful for electronic and pop music.

Some of the stuff that you will learn:

  • A very fast and unique workflow to produce music.
  • All the stuff you need to make your first song.
  • Ableton interface.
  • Some secret tricks for easy melody and chord making.
  • How to organize your sound library to be efficient and fast.
  • All this in less than 3 hours.

Who is Charlie Atom?

You can google me out. I have more than 5 million plays on Spotify, been featured on Beatport Top 100, played on the EDC Music festival twice, toured on China, and released music with Sony Music. I’m a DJ and music producer also been featured by Jonas Aden in his ghost producer video with more than 1 million views.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners that want to make electronic music.
  • DJs that doesn’t know how to produce.
  • Professionals that want to learn some extra stuff.
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