7 Simple Shifts to live a more peaceful life

7 Simple Shifts to live a more peaceful life

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What you’ll learn

  • Real Time gold tips to apply at the hardest times in your life
  • 7 Simple Shifts for long term happiness and peace
  • Worksheets that will help implement change
  • Mastering secret life principles that really works


  • Just you to accept me as your friend 😛


Welcome to this masterclass where we are going to have fun, practice, and lots of cool insights on 7 simple shifts you can make along with my two funny cameras that are shooting me 😛

During this class, you will learn the situations that disturb your peace of mind, situations that affect you badly and how you can overcome them by using the Golden Tip, the real-time solution shared in the 3rd Lesson.

You will be introduced to 7 Simple Shifts that you can make for long-term happiness, which will keep you on the road to peace. Practising those activities regularly will cultivate everlasting joy and bliss within you.

We will do interactive worksheets, which I’ll along with you upload in the project section. So we are in this together!!

Let’s walk on a journey together and make the 7 Simple Shifts!!

As a class project, there are 3 worksheets that you have to fill:

  1. Upload #30 Points you are grateful for and stress the why component!
  2. List down a complaint and look at the positive side of it.
  3. Classify your daily watching & listening activities into productive vs unproductive( pleasurable) to find the 1 extra hour.

For all the above points, attached are the PDFs. Download them, take a print out and upload them on the skillshare project section.

I’ll also do them as promised in the class. Let’s do it!!

Who this course is for:

  • who wants to know the secret behind peaceful life
  • who wants to implement change and live a peaceful life
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